Maggie + James | Dallas / Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

This past Saturday, I had the privilege of photographing Maggie and James’ wedding. It was pouring down rain all day, we trudged through mud to get shots, and through it all I had the most amazing time. Since shooting Maggie and James’ engagement session, I feel like I’ve been able to get to know them and what I’ve uncovered has made me see just how in love these two are with one another!

They married in a little cabin village just 20 minutes east of Canton, Texas called Wood Haven Cabins. The woods around us made me wonder if Bigfoot might wander out for one of the group shots. The lake just off one of the cabins and close by the main pavilion was a perfect setting, rain or shine!

Maggie was glowing all day and as any bride, she was so calm and collected. Ready to become Mrs. James Bell.

Maggie’s Mom helped her into her dress and they had a little moment between mother and daughter that made you tear up watching. She was giving her baby away today and as much as that soft sadness shone, there was so much joy in her mother’s face.

As everyone knows, it takes women far longer to get ready than men. James was waiting a while after he got dressed, so my 2nd shooter and myself spent some time capturing his nervousness and happiness while the bride continued to prepare. James also loves photography, so he was very easygoing.

During the reception, Maggie gave James a surprise. She sang for him such a beautiful song about love and cherishing one another. It was so moving.


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