10 Day Blog Challenge – Day 1

I sometimes find it hard to come up with topics to blog about, other than my portrait sessions! A fellow Pursuit 31 photographer has started this 10 Day Challenge and I am very excited to participate! So, here’s day one!

Ten Reasons Why I Love My Job

1. It gives me the ability to pursue my passion.

2. I get to meet such wonderful fellow photographers!

3. I have the privilege of working in a career that lets me spend more time with my kiddos!

4. Getting to meet and become friends with clients. I love meeting new people and this has opened so many doors.

5. The ability to capture images of so many things I have my heart set on, like when I got to travel to London.

6. Getting to spend money on camera lenses and other awesome accessories!

7. Having gas and Starbucks as a tax write-off!

8. Getting those new adorable props in the mail!

9. Networking with other artists in my area.

10. Being able to provide for my family with the daily needs and wants.

Be a part of this 10 Day Challenge! Just copy and paste the image below into your own blog and get started!! This challenge was created by the lovely and extremely talented Wendy Cunningham | Photographer !! Go check out her Facebook Page!


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