Stetson’s Graduation: 2011

So, before I go any further I want to say that I am so very proud of my youngest brother for graduating high school a VALEDICTORIAN!!! We are so proud of him! I got the chance to head home for a week for his graduation and it thrilled me to no end to be able to shoot and film it while I was there. I got to listen to his speech before he gave it at the graduation ceremony and I’m thankful I did, cause I teared up. Big time.

I don’t think I could’ve focused through the ceremony if I hadn’t heard it beforehand. Now that he’s graduated from High School, it’s weird to think all our days in high school are behind us. The last of the family to move on to adulthood and college. It’s insane.

Anyway, here are my faves that I shot that day. I hope you enjoy.



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