London: The Sights

I had a good time seeing the sights in London and getting to spend time with one of my closest friends, Paige Stransky. We got to shop, eat and check out some of the sights in one weekend.

We did have some delays along the way, but all in all it was a good time with Paige. I got to get some shots of Waterloo Station first. It’s not King’s Cross, but it’s still pretty neat.

We had to hop on the tube to get to our hotel on Park Lane. We took the Jubilee line from Waterloo Station to the Central line, then one stop over to Marble Arch.

We got to take an open top bus around London for two hours. It gave us the chance to see so many awesome sights without having to spend a ton of time. I picked out a few of my faves.

It was definitely chilly with the wind blowing, but the bus tour was the most fun we had all weekend.


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