Addicted to Etsy

Is there a website or blog that you spend just… too much time on? For me, it’s Etsy. I spend so much time on Etsy just surfing to find things I like, the best price, the most valued seller. It’s become one of my biggest addictions through technology for me to date.

I love adding items to my favorites section. It’s like christmas morning every time I go back to my favorites to see what I might purchase next payday or the one after. It might be a birthday gift for someone special or a photography prop I could use for a newborn session. Either way, my favorites section gives me the chance to continually go back and review all the things I want and love from Etsy sellers.

If you’re like me, you also love to sell things on Etsy. You love the satisfaction you get when someone genuinely loves ordering a print from you or an invitation suite that works perfectly for them. I love awesome feedback too. It lets me know I’m doing a great job in my work.

If you haven’t yet, go jump on Etsy and start surfing. It’s so much fun and there are so many sellers that enjoy selling on there. It’s like Ebay, minus the worry that you’re dealing with someone in a foreign country who doesn’t speak any English! I definitely enjoy it, having purchased from many sellers and continue to do so every month!


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