Random Post Wednesdays: Desert Island

Why is it every time I’m asked the question, “What five things would you bring if you were stuck on a desert island?” I never have to pause. It’s always the same five answers and usually in the same order. Why is that? Why is it we all know exactly what we want to have with us at the end of all things?

What matters most to me doesn’t matter most to you. Every one of us is different. We all need someone or something more than another might. Hence the reason why when asked the question above, we know our answers right away. We’ve got our comfort zone pegged. And without our comfort zones where would we be?

So, my five things I’d bring if I were stuck on a desert island:

1. My camera. If I’m stuck there, I might as well document it.

2. My computer. Again, need some way to edit what I document.

3. My Bible. God should always be my inspiration for how I live my life.

4. A tent equipped with an air mattress. Hey, a girl can dream.

5. A tool kit equipped with an axe, knife, and firearm with rounds.

Do any of you have your five items lined up? Let me hear ’em!


One thought on “Random Post Wednesdays: Desert Island

  1. Elizabeth Sostizzo says:

    I’m obviously very worried about what I would eat…I’m such a foodie because this is what I would bring
    1. My vitamix, to blend all sorts of island fruits.
    2. pots and pans, to cook in
    3. tons of matches…is that cheating? oh, whatever
    4. fishing rodes, to catch my dinner
    5. SUNSCREEN…I don’t want to get all wrinkly while I cook.

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