Day Trip to Venice: Part 1

Only halfway through editing my trip to Venice and I decided to post it in two parts. There are just too many good images to not show you all my favorites. I somehow got into a door and window addiction while there. It’s hard to capture Venice if you go there once every few months, because everything begins to look the same. This trip I went with two awesome photog friends, Jennifer Lebron and Chelsie Mullet, and we roamed around parts of Venice I had never seen before. It was interesting to find quiet walkways and to move away from all the tourist activity.

We also ate at an amazing little restaurant right off the square where the servers spoke perfect english and they had the best meat lasagna and grilled chicken I have had here in Italy. We got snacks on our walk around as well. I had the most amazing chocolate and banana crepe! Ten times better than the way they serve it in Paris! We bought sandwiches and coke for the train trip back home.

I was exhausted at the end of the trip and ready to crash the moment I got home, but it was worth every minute of it spending an awesome day out with two amazing friends.


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