Random Post Wednesdays: Chloe the Cat

Okay, so our cat is Chloe. She’s our only pet for right now. She has this thing where she wants to get outside. We’ve let her out twice, both times with a make-shift collar that she’s managed to wriggle her way out of.

She’s black and purrs even if she’s barely petted. Even though Steven doesn’t pet her at all, she likes to sleep on his stuff more than anything else. It’s pretty cute how Steven tries to avoid her even though she’s always positioned in his clothes piles. And she follows me all over the house. It’s like a mini Nate.

She’s our pet until April, where we have to find her a new home. This summer we’ll head home to Texas for block leave (about two weeks). That’s when she’ll need to be with a new family, because once we get back it’s a down hill slope until we head back to Texas for good, as Steven is getting out of the military January of 2012.

Oh, the ups and downs of a military lifestyle.


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