Random Post Wednesdays: Favorite Foods

So, on top of my Project 365 for photography, I’ve decided to take on the Post A Week Challenge here on WordPress to keep myself in the game of doing a weekly blog post about something random, so you can get to know more about me and how I think.

Today, I’m going for a favorite foods edition, cause I’m hungry and it’s what I have on my mind. Last night my husband made this amazing pork stew. Now, I’m usually not much for pork and any kind of stew meat usually isn’t very tender. My husband is the one who likes to test out new recipes and he did a great job. The meat came out fork tender and the potatoes and onions and various other ingredients made the stew taste very good. It’s been cold here lately, so a good stew is always the way to go to keep yourself warm and lift those spirits.

Aside from what we had last night, I’ve got to say I love (and miss) good Tex-Mex. Tomorrow night we’ve invited a couple we love, Vincent and Paige (soon-to-be-married) Stransky. I’ve decided to make my enchiladas with pinto beans and mexican rice. It’s all my mother’s recipe who got it from her mother and so on. They add real diced onions, but I like the onion salt more. Either way, though, it makes me miss home. A good mexican restaurant like La Fiesta is not something you can find abroad and actually hard to find outside of the state of Texas in general.

Let’s just say I can’t wait to move home in a year.


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