Resolutions: Yea or Nay

So much has happened the past two weeks. We went to Paris and we had a lot of fun there. Until the snow shut down the airports and we got stuck in Beauvais. I say stuck, because we had to spend money we had budgeted for Germany for Christmas. We weren’t able to go to Germany anymore and once we finally made it home, I got sick.

Super sick. I’ve never had the stomach flu before and I pray I never get it again. It’s like death warmed over. On top of that, I had to stay upstairs in the bedroom for about four days and couldn’t see my kiddo. We didn’t want him to catch what I had. Luckily, he didn’t.

We celebrated Christmas in our quiet home and let Nate open up his gifts from Santa, his grandparents on my side, and his Aunt Nan and Melody. He really enjoyed all his gifts. (For more pics on this, visit my personal Facebook.) He really made out this year for a 21 month old.

Now it’s December 31st and knowing it’s New Year’s Eve seems to be a hard concept for me right now. Everyone is at a party somewhere or planning on going to one soon. Everyone has resolutions to write down and try to uphold, most of which never make the cut and are quickly forgotten.

So, I ask myself… what are my resolutions? Should I even have any? Is there any point in trying to tell yourself to become better at something and then wind up forgetting about it? Maybe my pessimistic side is running the show. I should consider the lighter side of things, like the fact that we only have this year to visit the rest of Europe before me move home to Texas. Or the fact that we will get to visit home some time this summer. Whatever the plans we have this coming year, those aren’t resolutions. So, I guess I’ll tell you what’s been swirling in my head since I woke up this morning and started to ponder the word itself and my life as it is right now… and where I want it to be in a year.

1.  I want to know more about photography and put it into action.

2.  I want to be recognized for having a good editing style.

3.  I want my son to stay healthy and happy.

4.  I want the chance to visit more places in Europe.

5.  I want to blog more during the week and I want to maintain it.

6. I want to spend less money on the little wants to save up for the bigger needs.

7. I want our family to be happy in their lives, wherever they are in the world.

8. I want my husband to get his promotion.

9.  I want us to be able to get the house we found in Texas.

10.  And… I want to settle down back home.

Now that I’ve gotten that all out, I feel better. I’ll leave you with some of my favorite images from Paris I finally edited. 🙂


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