Baby, It’s Cold Outside

I spent all but two minutes of today in the house cleaning and taking care of the kiddo. It’s amazing what two minutes outside in the freezing cold air will get you to thinking about. I had snapped a photo of Steven getting into the car, just cause I could, and I paused on the front porch deep in thought.

I wonder if it’ll snow while we’re in Paris. Just the thought of seeing snow there would be magical. A special moment in time in one city that will, hopefully, embrace our family with open arms and allow us three days to see all the sights and eat as much good french food as possible.

Since moving to Italy, we’ve stayed fairly close to home. We’ve traveled to Venice, Verona, Padua, Rome, and up to Garmisch, Germany and we’ve had a time of it, but since this is our last year here we need to branch out even further. It’s time to visit our Top Ten List.

And as I stood outside on the porch, pondering all these random thoughts, I turned to head inside and snapped one last image that embodies my festive mood.

Happy Holidays, All!


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