Mr. and Mrs. William Burns

Over the span of about two hours, I was given the amazing opportunity to shoot the type of couple magazines like GQ and Vogue want to find and use on their covers. This Christmas Session was anything but casual, as both husband and wife were completely decked out.

I had a lot of fun capturing them walking up along their street to get to their place, because it’s their street. Their front door. In Vicenza, Italy. They’ll always be able to look at these images and think, “I remember that street… and that’s our favorite bridge.”

William has a hard time smiling, but he really got into the shoot when I told him to picture Lynette in the bedroom. He blushed, but it totally worked to get that gorgeous half smile that makes Mr. Burns who he is! Lynette is so adorable all the time! When we get to hang out, I can tell she’s got a strong personality and an independence I wish I possessed. These two are perfect for each other. An easy and loving balance.


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